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Friday 8 November 2013

Tundra Hunter girl

Last week I discovered a great shop called !gO! and bought among other things this really awesomely made mesh outfit called Hunter Girl. The outfit comes in several colors (showing brown) and with a mesh wrap in 3 sizes. 
I couldn't resist to take several photos of the outfit and of the great textures on the hip/upper leg and the wrap: look at those details! 
I showed Hunter girl to my friend who is a designer herself and even she was impressed ^^.

The other NEW item I am wearing are the JD GG boots Tundra in kaki suede. To fit Hunter girl I am not wearing the mesh socks nor stockings that come with the boots, however, opted to show the skin. The HUD that lets you change the color of details of the boot as well as of the socks/stockings works very well. Luvvv these booties ^^

No idea if you noticed but I changed my shape! Arghhhh, I gained weight lol! 
The skin is new too: Elysium - Lena in fair. Sooo Nitro, my SL BF has a new GF, fortunately he likes.

Poses used are called Desire by miwa Poses, except one which is made by Mimesis Monday, who makes poses for prose and poetry.

Dikke kus

pose SuppressedRedRidingHood by Mimesis

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