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Thursday 21 November 2013


I have this Noirette dress of Vita's Boudoir in my invent for a while. I bought it a while ago for only 100 L$  and didn't unpack untill yesterday evening. 

WOW I am completely in love with this lace dress that consists of system layers, mesh skirt and sculpted items (skirt and collar both not shown coz I love it's simplicity without ^^). Wonderful textures and design; look at the back how nicely cut; SUPER!
Yep definitely a fav

Two not new items, which I blogged before, but luvvv muchly atm are:
Nadia hair from LaViere & the Collar Resort Necklace from Swallow, which is a TDR (The Dressing Room) item.

Posed used: Label Motion - Fairy Pose (also a TDR item).

Photos made at Shoetopia. Phew not easy to get there and when I finally arrived there was a lot of lag & dramatic crashing. I couldn't buy a demo coz my money was gone (-1 L$ in my SL purse) and I ended up at a Noob Hub when I tried to tp home arghhhh.
BUT it was of course worth all the effort: gave me a good overview of what's HAWT atm. I saw a lot of cool shoes, boots as well as shoes for SLINK feet.

dikke kus

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