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aanhef blog

Tuesday 18 March 2014

My first FITTED mesh

Yeah it's NEW so gotta show my first FITTED mesh dress: Valentine.E Sleeveless Greta dress. Wow I luv it! It fits super even when (suddenly) my chest grows/shrinks a few sizes ^^

Here's something about FITTED MESH: it adjusts to your shape by using the avatar's Body Shape Sliders in the Appearance Editor. This results in clothing that can adjust and fit to your avatar's own personal body shape and style.
FITTED MESH should fit most avatars but please try a DEMO before purchasing. An alpha layer will still be required.

Furthermore wearing Pure Poison BowTie Swirl, this months GroupGift: super cute, luv it!
The gorgeous hair is MINA's Amber, which is soo cool retro and smexy.

Photo made at Nitroglobus gallery in front of my own photo, which is mirrored into the water. Yeah, that's nude moi  

dikke kus

Thanks to the designers for their awesome bloggers review items! Appreciated

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