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Wednesday 12 March 2014

On the Go

This evening in between working on photos of and a party invitation for the exhibition 'The Masks we Wear' by Sina Souza and Sabbian Paine, I finally managed to tp to Collabor88 March 2014 edition. 
Phew, as usual it was very crowded and took a loooong time for stuff to rezz. 
However, when it did finally rezz ... wow. 

I was in a hurry so little time to try on all the demo's. However, I did buy this lovely black Fishy Strawberry mesh Tokyo Office shirt as well as the cool D!va Judy hair in Black Amber, which comes with a script that lets you resize hair and change the color of the ribbon.
I also bought the cute Flowey 'on the go' poses, which were used in this photo shoot at former gallery exhibitor Ronda Saunders her new installation.

From my closet:
Cynful mesh skinny jeans - stripes tan (former TDR item)

dikke kus

Ronda Saunders' exciting NEW installation, which is worth exploring! 

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