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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Mientje and Hard Candy

photo made while being lazy at home (Costa Blanco)

Today two NEW items: 
  • The BDR (Beautiful, Ditry, Rich) total mesh outfit Hard Candy, shown in black however comes with a HUD that give you many many textures and colours. The awesome sneaker boots are included too. Luv them!
    The (as usual) huge BDR folder comes with  A LOT of items, next to many different alpha layers, sizes tops and shorts, sneaker boots there's also a music player (not shown). Thanks soo much Cameron!
    I have been wearing this outfit the past days soo on all pics I took exploring I am wearing it.
  • The other newness is the not yet released MINA hair 'Mientje'. It's MINA's item for the upcoming 'My Attic' which opens tomorrow, 21 March. Mientje is simply gorgeous and one of her best, although..... soo many super MINA hairs lately!
Also wearing the Pure Poison bowtie Swirl, this months GG, which I blogged in my former post too.

A thank you to the designers for these really cool blogger review items!
dikke kus

photos made while exploring Blueprint City 

A close and better view of MINA's hair 'Mientje'

More info about the lovely sim, where I made this photo: 

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