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aanhef blog

Tuesday 4 February 2020

Alpha Moon

Alpha Moon is a very 'green' land with lots of  woodland, flowers, butterflies, various hangouts, a sort of pirate ship, a lighthouse, a beach, rivers and bridges and everywhere cuddle spots. 

The place is owned by the Alpha Moon Pack, with alpha man Zel Colton (zeldonix) as the leader of the pack. Alpha Moon Pack is a Bloodlines family that teachers their members and is not just interested in numbers. So if you are looking for family, are not hell bent on stats and status, and wish to learn, you can IM Zel. The Pack also enjoys RP and is looking for all supernatural beings and humans to join their close nit family.   

Besides all this Alpha Moon is a cool place to make images and enjoy nature, which I did ;-)


  1. Thank you for reviewing our home. Just one small point, its Zel Colton:)
    We welcome all to our land and are pleased to meet new people.
    Kindest regards
    Wiktiri Junibalya

    1. I corrected Zel's name. It wasn't easy to read due to used font style :-)