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Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Disneyland in SL

Dido in Foreverland - the Disney Tribute Park of Magic, in a fitting pink sweater. A Park dedicated to Walt Disney & his magical creations.
You can see your favorite Disney characters here, from your favorite movies and even Walt himself and immerse yourself in this Disney hangout. The park is created by Metukah Lenroy. Next time I go there I will ask her for a private tour.

Phew, soo many colors, objects and animations here. You certainly won't be bored. 
I visited with my friend Ed Rhode and we had lots of fun jumping on all the many (sometimes cute/silly) poses: danced, shot cannon balls, sat on Aladdins' flying carpet, posing with the crew of Star Wars and more. In short a lot of the famous Disney characters at this place to discover.

Some snapshots, put your sunglasses on coz it's colorfull ;-)

one of the crew members of Star Wars

worn out ;-)

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