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aanhef blog

Wednesday 19 February 2020


Extensive visits the past days to Der Lebensraum (The Dream of Asia) a truly lovely German sim, which is open to all to visit. It has it all: nature, colourful flower beds, a rain forest, (wild) animals, beaches, boats, a (cuddle) bubble to board and explore the sim, a hunderd relax spots and Asian temples. 
But there is more besides the enchanting ground level, as you can tp up to one of the skyboxes which offer for instance a bike racing track (you will find the MC Community teleport board there too with an overview including direct tp's to all the SL race tracks). 
There is another skybox called the Game zone, with lots of fun games like midget golf, spin the bottle and more.
And of course there is a music place with bar and dancing area. In short Lebensraum is a great place to explore and enjoy.

Some snapshots I made:

we all have wings

the grotto

the rainforest

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