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Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Hand by Bryn Oh

visiting 'Hand' with Kurk

Yesterday I visited the new installation 'Hand' by Bryn Oh at Immersiva.
Bryn gives the following information about this installation: 'Holding the hand of a mannequin, a young girl named Flutter returns home with something special in her suitcase'.  

At entrance point a headlamp automatically is placed on your head, which btw is necessary because it's rather dark around you, and you are asked to take a HUD for voice narration. The HUD makes the story of Flutter start automatically when you enter a specific room (when the HUD won't work there is also a 'microphone' you can click) and only YOU will hear the words. My dear friend Kurk did the scripting for this HUD and he explained and walked with me through the entire installation. And I must admit he saved me now and then when I failed to walk straight/climb the small wood boards. Although I got better and better ;-)

'Hand' is a sort of Peter Pan story. Flutter, the main character, is one of the children, who makes her way through the building where she meets her friends, we accompany Flutter on this journey. At ground level Flutter takes the hand of a mannequin, this  hand represents the mother figure. Flutter introduces 'her mother i.e. the hand' to her friends whom she meets on her way up to the roof of the building. When she arrives at the top floor she meets all her friends and together they play house as children do, and they take turns being the mother.
However, for me it was the journey not the story that made this a cool experience. 

More snapshots:

Flutter taking the Mannequin hand

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