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Thursday 20 February 2020

Khodovarikha in summer

a lot of spots to sit and contemplate 

Khodovarikha (in Russian: Ходовариха) is a weather station located on the freezing Barents Sea. Remote and desolate, with a permanent population of just one man, Slava. Witness his 'arctic limbo' in one of the loneliest places on earth.

Khodovarikha is back and this time the 'summer' version. Who doesn't remember this awesome sim, based on the RL piece of land with the same name off the coast of north-west Russia, created by Serene Footman?
Want to know more about the RL Khodoarikha? Read Serene's blogpost and watch this YouTube video:  

I bet all photographers and fans of Serene's work are happy it's back. Well I am for sure and so was Ed, who accompanied me during part of my visit.
I love this desolated and isolated place, the foggy atmosphere, the sound of the sea and the birds. Couldn't stop making images.

Serene, the creator himself

with Ed Rhode

a visitor 

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