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Sunday, 1 March 2020

Impostor by Fiona Fei

Today opened the installation Impostor by artist Fiona Fei at The Sim Quarterly. The installation will be in place until 30 May, sooo lots of time to visit.

I am a fan of Fiona's shuimo art (ink wash painting). Last January I visited her installation Reflection and Rising and wrote a blog post about it (click here for the link). For her installation at The Sim Quarterly Fiona used besides black ink also the color red. There are several cool poses (for instance on the red large hands) and fun stuff, like the calligraphy table. 
There is interaction and fun, however, for me Fiona's former installation at her own gallery in black and white was more arty and serene.

practicing calligraphy

worshipping at the 'ink temple'

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