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Thursday 19 March 2020

New Cherishville (Cherishville-Spring 2020)

Cherisville is a homestead island designed and owned by Lam Erin and Azaria (amariahenee). It's a joy to walk around there: great WL with lovely mirroring water effects. Utterly love this! 
It seems the sim is open for just a few weeks only for bloggers, photographer and explorers, who are encouraged to make lots of images and place them all in the Cherisville Flickr Group. Soooo hurry up and go explore. It's worthwhile.

There is a lot of water (ponds, sea) with boats, a large rock formation in the middle, small cottages/large mansions as well as lots of plants and trees. All very well done with great textures and overall high quality. Along the cool windy dirt road you will find some residential houses and spots to relax.

Some more snapshots I made (difficult to stop, because there's a cool view around every corner):

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