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Monday, 16 March 2020

Missing Melody - Whispering Silence

Today I visited the renewed sim of Missing Melody, Whispering Silence
Described as 'it's that song in your head that you can't get out but not sure how it really goes. It's that temptation you want to have in your life so you can fight to resist. It's that place in your heart that is always waiting to be filled.' 

Love it, great colors, views, atmosphere and moreover, I was lucky to meet the maker Bambi (norahbrent). A very kind person who told me she was still working finishing the land. 
Well I noticed all kind of objects moving around, even grass, and then saw her sitting in a small car, she said she still had a lot to add and finish, and even got bad reviews, indicating the exact places which she hadn't finished yet. Oh well, one cannot make everybody happy: the sim opened yesterday and already a boom of reviews appeared. 

Bambi told me that initially she and her friend Conni, who sadly passed away last year, built the first sim. There is a gallery in memory of Conni on the beach. 
There are 4 houses on the sim which will be rented. Bambi also thinks about adding shops with vintage/rustic decor, which blend into the environment, and maybe a place for her DJ friends to play sets. A lot of plans still to work on. 
There is already a nice rural fair which will be expanded with flags, balloons AND .... an ice cream stand (yeah). All will give the sim the feel of a sweet relaxed town. 

Well already without the ice cream I loved my visit to Missing Melody!
Here are a few more snapshots:

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