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Wednesday 4 March 2020

The Meaning of Love by Natalia Seranade @ Nitroglobus

Natalia is back at Nitroglobus and I am super glad with her creative, always surprising, colorful and unique works on the walls of the gallery. This time her exhibition is based on the experiences of several people in Second Life love relationships. 
An interesting theme in my humble opinion.

Opening party: Tuesday, 10 March 1 pm SLT (= 21 hrs Amsterdam time). 
YES .... 1 pm SLT coz it's SUMMER TIME in the USA.
Music by DJ Ferdy

Dido Haas, owner/curator
Nitroglobus gallery


'The Meaning of Love' (in SL)

Beside the 'happy' and 'sad' love affairs, which are more or less equal to the ones in RL, there are also the love affairs that fail  because of the specific RISKS present when getting involved in a virtual relationship. Natalia calls this 'the dark side'. 

For example: the large amount of people who lie, who pretend to be a person they are not, giving false information, showing fake pictures, etc. 
People with addictions, people with mental  disorders, people with more that one avatar (ALTs) used for 'bad' purposes like spying or harassing, or, used even to have other 'lives' with other relationships. 
People who do ghosting: the practice of ceasing all communication and contact with a partner, without any apparent justification and subsequently ignoring any attempts to reach out or communicate made by said partner.

Behind the screen people tend to show the good and hide their flaws. There are many disappointments. 
It seems that everything in SL happens more fast then in RL: some people meet, immediately start a relationship and get married (partnered). However, most of the time a fast start indicates a fast ending. One of the reasons being that in the minds of the partners they create an ideal figure of who they hope to find. This idealization creates expectations and people get hurt when things don't go as they expected. The mind can turn 'nothing' into 'everything' and 'everything' into 'nothing'.

Love in SL is it real or just a fantasy? 

Image and text by Natalia Seranade
Poster by David Silence

Taxi to Nitroglobus  

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