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Thursday, 2 December 2021

Clay and Seed Installation

Yesterday, 1 December 2021,  I visited twice the installation 'Clay and Seed' by Haveit Neox, Bamboo Barnes and Lilia Artis at Akimori/Akipelago, which will open officially on 5 December 12 PM SLT with music by Bsukmet Stormcrow.

The invitation I received read:

A collaboration of art, utilizing 3D, 2D, and Text. For the Clay and Seed exhibit, Bamboo Barnes chose to focus on 2D artwork, Lilia Artis on poetry, and Haveit Neox on sculpture and architecture. The goal was to have these disciplines unite into a single work, which in this case of three like-minded artists, occurred organically. 

Haveit’s galleries provide the supporting walls for Bamboo’s imagery, while Lilia’s poetry garnishes the windows of these clay buildings and thus closes the circle. During the process, each artist’s work contained a seed of inspiration for the other two. Being admirers of each other’s works for many years, it seems destiny smiled on these three with the opportunity to share their visions together and in an art region that inspired their creativity.

Describing the erosion of the environment and human relationships, the work of all three artists explores the fields of destruction, growth, abuse, hope, gratefulness, and loneliness.'

I love sneak peeks, when there's nobody around and I can walk around at my own pace and listen to the music. At entrance point there are several chairs to sit and relax, which I did. There are also 2 gift boxes one from Haveit and one from Bamboo. 
When I started walking around I was immediately taken by the hares, which I spotted inside Haveit's barn building. After all my name is 'Haas' which is Dutch for Hare. My family I always call avi's in rabbit outfit.

spot the hares 

projections by Bamboo

I wandered around following the paths, I admired the many superb  artworks and builds of Haveit and the ditto images of Bamboo. Worth mentioning are also the great colors of the sky, the serene atmosphere of the installation set within a setting of sand dunes, the centaurs and horses .... and sooo much more 😀
Of course I couldn't resist to make a lot of images, which I show here in this post. 

A sincere thank you to Aki (Akiko Kinoshi) who made this possible with her art sims Akimori/Akipelago, in which she gives so many artists the opportunity to show their works. 

Do visit and enjoy this exquisite installation by Haveit and Bamboo and let yourself be enchanted. Don't forget to pick up the gifts, they are both lovely.

More images:

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