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Sunday, 27 November 2011

A Tribute to Iki and Dutch Touch

DT skin JoLiE V2 Cream - Smokey

Yesterday evening my friend Kooky told me DT (Dutch Touch) will be closing. Arghhh that news hurted coz I've always loved that shop soooo much, hey it's part of me, of my SL. More than four years ago I bought my first outfit and moreover my first skin there. 
I've always loved Iki her skins, they are so well made and so sensual; not only a great face but also a super ass, belly and legs! 
So a tribute to Iki Ikarus the designer/owner of Dutch Touch! 

DT PiPPi (I have this outfit > 4 yrs) 

DT PiPPi outfit. After so many years I still love it. Look at those textures ... awesome!
DT JoLiE skin V2 Cream - Smokey. I bought this skin yesterday for only 250 L$! 
Many skins are discounted now; no idea how long the shop will stay open (see Iki her message at the bottom of this blog post).
Miel Lish necklace (last FLF item) - NEW

From my closet:
LouLou&Co Crepuscule gloves and bracelet
YS&YS Freckles tattoo layer
Fri.day hair Deena - scornful red
Poetic Colors Moon eyes - lavender
DRD looseboots

the other side of PiPPi
Iki wrote on her blog

I 'll give up

I cannot fight all these 'Frankestein-skins' any longer that uses bits and pieces of my work without my permission all over again and again and again,...
It feels like competing myself.
Thank you to all who supported me over the years, the first few years building up DUTCH TOUCH were amazing and I will cherish this for ever!
Love to you all!!! (and the finger to the thieves)
DUTCH TOUCH will be open as long as I can afford to pay the monthly tiers. For clientsupport I'll be available at: iki@dutch-touch.com
posted by Iki Ikarus at 12:41 PM on Nov 22, 2011

So sad, I secretly hope for a miracle that will make Iki change her mind. 
But, if she won't I like to thank her for all the awesome skins and clothes she made over the past years!
dikke kus

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