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Wednesday 30 November 2011

Winter sweaters

Now that winter is near it's time to dress warm and comfy, so here we are both wearing our newly acquired C&P winter sweaters:

on Nitro the male one in black which includes a cute winter hat
on Dido the grey female one, which comes with 2(!) scarfs a red and a white one.
Wow these woolen sweaters are super nicely made and I luv the texture; so very 'winterish' and they come in many nice warm colors. If you are looking for a special color you can ask Cath and Petrov and they will deliver on demand. Hey, hey that's what I call service minded! 

Furthermore Dido is wearing:
Merry X-mas Gift 2009 Muffs of Bax Designs 
A Birdsong Webed silver rings; one on every finger - luv it!

Smooches to Cath and Petrov for the bloggers review items!
Here's your taxi to C&P Designs.  

smooth jazz sax and piano to relax - thx Fabio for url
dikke kus

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