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Sunday 27 November 2011

who will take me skating?

Paris Metro Cashmere Skating outfit - luv it!

I wanted to blog this supa blue cashmere skating outfit of Paris Metro coz it's so nicely made. I love the textures and the deep blue color. 
But hey who is going to take me skating? 

detailed photo of Miel Lish necklace - WOW!

what a cute hood  

Miel Lish necklace, scripted so you can adjust the color of the beads and the lace. Wow, really awesome this necklace, I luv it! FLF item - NEW
Paris Metro Couture Cashmere Skating outfit in navy (so nicely made and those textures!)  - NEW

From my closet:
Maitreya Dune boots in royal (dark blue)
LouLou&Co crepuscule gloves and bracelet
Magika hair Nayla - red

dikke kus

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