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Tuesday 15 November 2011

Sora from Egoisme

I had seen the announcements and posters and was eager to know how this new skin would look on Dido. Sooo here I am presenting you my version of Sora from Egoisme, their new female Evian skin. I am wearing the pale no eyebrows option, combined with Evian vividtone Sora - eyesbrows cleavage layer (made more light by me). 
Yep, that's so nice about Vividtonea new technique made to enhance the skin tone without the loss of detail. Vividtone is a tattoo layer. Here's what you do: you go into appearance mode, select the tattoo layer, click on color and use the slide to choose the desired color. Easy like that. 

I changed my Dido shape, coz the Sora lips are in my view enormous, but hey I am not a big sulky lips fan ^^. Sora is a far more mature skin and I must admit I really have to get used to it. It sure is different and that's nice, coz although everybody has a different shape it's fun to wear a skin that isn't mainstream.

Wow Mina is productive these days coz here's another of her hairs; this one is called Michelle and exclusively made for the Black Market collection (wearing DR06 and same MINA TKO hairbase). Not available in her mainstore but ONLY at The Black Market; a location where you can get great deals from all your fav stores at the same time, in one place. The Black Market will be open to the public starting November 13th!

[Penned] by  Pennelope Thiessam sent me a bloggers review pack containing a  blazer and a fatpack of tanks (wearing brown in the picture). I like the texture of the blazer, although the total picture is a bit dull. The tank again has nice texture and comes in many colours and in all layers.

Phew lot of text today. 
dikke kus

Thanks to the designers for their bloggers review items!

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