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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

in Tibet

Today I visited the new prefab of Danny and Suite Bourne (reBourne) called Tibet. Wow, another masterpiece of these two talented people (if I am correct this one is Danny's doing)! Of course I had to jump on the pose balls in order to escape lag in this mesh place ^^

Tibet is SUPA; great textures, everywhere you look awesome things AND those colours .. I luv it!
But hey go and have a look yourselves! Here's your taxi to Tibet

Btw reBourne offers massive 24hr 50% release discount (!) and quality freebie for free to collect at the reBourne sim. 

Dikke kus

Btw the handsome guy on the pose balls with me is Nitro ^^ Thx darling for your patience.


  1. Nice work! I just discovered Rebourne's production which is awesome. I like the atmosphere of your pictures.Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yeah Dido, again they did it!! Releasing something that is possible with Meshes and what's promised is a truth.
    Thanks truly for this outstanding photography!