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Monday, 8 August 2011

The end of Grixdale - Opening of Collabor88

This evening I went to a new venue called Collabor88. Essentially this is a group of designers who every month will introduce a new collection of items (at one location) and discounted prices. This first time all items are prized at 88 L$. More info? Visit their website  www.collabor88.com.
Here's your taxi to Collabor88

Grixdale vintage dress 'Sun of a Gun' in peach

One of this month's contributors to Collabor88 is Grixdale. However, it'll also be their last participation coz the Grixdale is closing. The inworld store will close officially August 31st and it's not sure if items will be added to the marketplace. Arghh, it makes me feel so sad when good stores close in RL as well as in SL. Such a shame coz Grixdale makes really nice stuff.

Grixdale dress 'Wolf and I'

So, I bought the Grixdale item at Collabor88, which contains 4 awesome dresses and a pack of make-up tattoo layers. Super deal!
Showing you two of the dresses. Love them!

Only thing left to say is 'Thanks Tyr Rozenblum for all the wonderful stuff you made in the past years!'

Dikke kus

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