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Friday 12 August 2011

Meditating at Wizardhat Studios

Yesterday evening I revisited the lovely Wizardhat Studios sim. Flowers everywhere you look, a waterfall, a dock with sailing boats, a seagull, several hammocks and other nice places to sit scattered all over the place among which meditation as well as tai chi pose balls. 
Meditation and nice relaxing music was what I needed after a rather depressing  evening in SL. Of course I took some photo's, couldn't resist :-)

Here's your taxi to Wizardhat Studios 
Dikke kus

Fishy Strawberry college glasses
LOULOU&Co gloves
BOOM I Promise Lace trim bra
Pig Ladies like flowers Eggshell cardigan
SE Design Denim lowrise miniskirt hearts  NEW - bloggers review item
LeeZu Corazon stockings black
League Taylor Sunkiss BlackIce Frex skin
BDR Chelle hair in darkbrown - NEW (see my blog post Hadley and Chelle)
League Wanderer black bracelet and earrings
MIEL CHUM necklace
B.Nuts Star lip piercing
TSS Darken eyebrow piercing
Climbing Vines tattoo
Coco belt

This song made my day. Getting depressed in RL of all the rain; i.e. feels like having no summer at all. However, it always can be worse...

Thx Fabio, luv yah!

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