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Tuesday 2 August 2011

Romans at The Cyclades

The emperor and his servant ...  :-)

The toga I am wearing is so old. I think I have this non-sculpted item in my inventory for > 4 years. I wonder if sculpted skirts existed at that time. Awww does sound like SL middle ages :-)

Although Fabio and I promissed to be relaxed and not take photos we could not help ourselves and had to take some shots. 

A wonderful temple inspired by Knossos, all so nicely made. Yep a sim certainly worth exploring: The CycladesEnjoy!

I went there with Fabio this evening, after I did a photo shoot with my brother Michiel, who will publish the result at his FlickR page tomorrow no doubt. 

photo 'Togas' taken by Fabio
Dikke kus

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