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aanhef blog

Friday 19 August 2011


I found a new shop called Egoisme and I like to show some of the nice items they have to offer. They not only offer female clothes but also have a lot of male stuff available from male skins to jeans, shirts and hot male undies ^^
But as i stick to my female avi I show you the following: 

the suppah April Shawl in red (it comes in many many really awesome colors), love the texture and fitting!
the Lace-up ankle boots that come with a hud and are tintable! YEAH love that one pair of boots that you can change into the color of your choice/outfit/mood. 
the Low-loose shirt in red (again available in many colors). Again suppah texture, fit and awesome colors 
and to complete the outfit I am wearing the capris jeans blue (with white belt and cuffs) 

Low - loose shirt

tintable Lace-up ankle boots
Dikke kus

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