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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Pirate in sepia

New BDR Beautiful Dirty Rich outfit (comes in all layers) which includes a bikini with scripted ties, a pirate shirt, a miniskirt with scripted prim, gloves, socks, boots, a tail and cute ears. It's called Innovation
Innovation comes in several colors and the lilac one is the Gift of this month. Another awesome item of BDR.
I am wearing the grey one however,.... well it's all sepia to you now isn't it :-)

Thanks Cameron for the bloggers review item!

Photo was taken at the entrance ship of Jabberwock. If you like to sail a pirate ship, get into a good fight and RP your way around the pirate world, don't look any further coz here's where you wanna be. Thanks captain Kurt for showing me around!

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