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Monday, 25 November 2019

Cherishville in winter mood

Cherishville, a sim owned and designed by Lam Erin, is now for a few weeks in winter mood and ready to be explored and photographed. Visitors can rezz free of charge, as long as they clean up after Lam told me.

Many seats with animations, lots of snow falling down from the virtual sky, cozy warm rooms in the main building, great textures and more. 
But what else can one expect from Lam, who is a well known sim and fashion designer and photographer. 

This 'winter look' is a mutual project of Lam and his SL partner Azaria (amariahrenee). For sure a place worthwhile visiting.
Enjoy, like I did.


More snapshots:

early Xmas feeling

nice rooms in the main building at entrance point

there's is a small frozen pond, phew lucky I had my skates with me 😉

A song:  Winter song by Sara Bareilles/Ingrid Michaelson (thanks Lam for input)

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