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Monday 11 November 2019

Last Dove

This afternoon I visited Last Dove (thanks again Ed for LM) and felt I entered Texas. Lots of wild horses around, deserted sheds and people (bots) moving around. Although I am lousy riding horses, I managed to sit on one and walk around. Note that not all wild horses are willing to let you ride them. I even swam with the horse how cool is that ;-)

Last Dove was designed to be used as a set for filming machinima for film festivals. The sim and characters are based on both the novel and screenplay of "Lonesome Dove". The characters you see on the sim are bots.  "Let the cowboys be cowboy bound."

Some snapshots I made:

pool with wild horses, pick one that accepts you

the saloon with me as the bartender 

see my cowboy boots and hat ....

yeah nothing human is strange to me....

A song I give you:  

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