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Tuesday 19 November 2019

Cocoon, Cyberpunk RP

Cocoon: Cyberpunk Roleplay, a science fiction dice blade runner android cyborg robot urban space future 2077 neo Japan combat noir cyber sim, made and owned by EL (mii1a). Phew, a lot of words describing what you can find here. 
The place is very well made, great textures, with several levels, elevators, clubs etc. I took a photographer visitor tag and was able to walk around and enjoyed.

Like on any RP sim there is a lot of info you have to work through before you enter. Too much text to mention it all in this blogpost, sooo when you are interested see their WIKI page, where you can find all the rules and other info.

It is the year 2489. What’s left of Earth is a by-product of the things that went wrong there. The weapons unleashed in the Transcendence War transformed the surface into a blighted wasteland and forced the refugee remnants skywards, first to floating cities and arcologies in Earth’s upper atmosphere, then further out, to orbital colonies and settlements throughout the solar system.

info at entrance point

Of course I made many images, here are a few: 

in the afternoon I visited with Ed

dancing at a club with Ed

When returning to Cocoon this evening, I met Gia, who was my private guide. She showed me a few great places. 

acting as a singer at the posh cyber club ;-)

street life

A song: Hijo de la Luna by Mecano

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