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Thursday 14 November 2019

Drune, East of Eden.

the street

Drune: East of Eden is a sci-fi sim in Second Life with a cyberpunk feel, inspired by films like Blade Runner, The Fifth Element, etc. AND is rumoured to be “a place of commotion and carnal disquietude." It is a very popular place atm coz they have a photo contest going on.

During my visits I talked to as well Hera (zee9) the builder, as to Sparklebottom Lasertits (Sparklybootie), both very kind persons. Hera explained she is extremely picky in choosing items coz Drune is a homestead with a 5000 prim limit. Well she did a hell of a job as the quality of the place is awesome, love the many signs, the textures, the details, the graffiti the elevators, which bring you to surprising places. 
Fun is also the traffic, which brings life to the street. I was hit by a car when crossing the street. I lost my arm, but was lucky to have an artificial Azoury arm in my inventory :-)

For info about the Photo Contest see bottom of this blog post.
A lot of well known SL artists already visited the sim and posted cool images on their FLICKR accounts (Tutsy, Dixmix, Frenchy, Laura, Mr. S. and many more)

Now for some snapshots I made (not being in the photo contest btw):

at entrance point  

security check

cool cyber guys

one has to eat

The Pino 2051 Club. Sparkle gave me direct LM to the club

performing at the pole, pity there was nobody around  

very classy and well designed private rooms, winks

ending the evening at a hidden terrace with a view and a glass of wine

Info about photo contest:
Contest dates: 
Midnight SLT, November 6 - 11:59 pm SLT, November 27, 2019

10,000L - Grand Prize
5,000L - Best Scenery Photo
5,000L - Best Avatar(s) Photo
5,000L - Best Action Photo
5,000L - Best Erotic Photo


1. You must be a member of the Drune Flickr group and submit your entry to that group with #Drune10kContest in the title or description.

2. Photos must be taken and submitted during the the contest dates. Photos taken prior to or after those dates will not be accepted.

3. The content of the photos can be anything you like as long as it's clear the photo was taken at Drune: East of Eden. This rule is subjective and it's up to the judges' discretion to determine this. Photos taken at other versions of Drune will not be accepted.

4. Each person may submit up to two photos to the contest. You may submit as many photos you like to the group during and after the contest period, but only two for the contest. If a person submits more than two photos with #Drune10kContest in the title or description, only the first two photos submitted will be accepted unless requested otherwise. 

5. The number of entries applies per person. This means that photos from alt Second Life accounts or Alt Flickr accounts will not be accepted.  Contestants are expected to be honest and self-policing on this issue. If an alt is used, all photos will be disqualified.

6. Photos taken of the three judges (Hera, Sparklebottom Lasertits, and Riowyn) cannot be accepted into the contest, just to eliminate some bias. However, there are images of Sparklebottom in various places on the sim. Photos which include those images will be allowed as long as they are not the main focus of the photo.

Other info:
Rezzing objects has been turned off for a short while due to a problem. Hopefully we can sort it out very soon 

Photos do not need to be submitted to any category. It will be up to the judges to decide which category each photo fits best. As such, "Best Scenery Photo" doesn't mean it can't include avatars, and "Best Avatar(s) Photo" doesn't mean it can only include avatars.

A photo can only win one category, so if the photo includes both action and scenery, the judges will decide which category to consider it for. This also applies to the grand prize, which is what we determine to be the best of the bunch. Each prize is mutually exclusive to all of the other prizes.

Also, keep in mind that Drune: East of Eden is Adult rated (as have all previous versions of Drune) and has many erotic images and themes around the sim. Photos for the contest are welcome to be as erotic (or not) as you'd like.

That being said, please feel free to explore ALL Drune: East of Eden has to offer. There are three clubs (including Pino 2051), a hentai shop, a tattoo parlor, private apartments, an obedience training room, and several other hidden interiors. You are encouraged to explore and utilize the entirety of the sim for the contest. or even for your leisure.

Winners will be announced within a week of the contest ending.

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  1. Thank you so much, Dido! This is a wonderful article and I appreciate your promotion of both the sim and the contest! <3