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Friday 15 November 2019


This evening I visited Frogmore. For Tolla Fell (bengta), the owner, this place is a memory of her life as a child in Öregrund, Sweden. 'The air is filled with the scent of the sea, old fishing boats, and smoked herring'.  A simple life filled with love and laughter. 
Indeed I saw a lot of boats (Skippy will love this 😉), beautiful reflecting water, trees, seats everywhere with nice animations and more. The place feels very 'nordic' indeed.
The sim was designed by Terry Fotherington
Worth a visit for sure.

More images: 

I met my dear friends Moni & Sean there, and we enjoyed conversations enjoying our glass of wine  

the still empty gallery

there is a beach too

many places to sit, with nice animations for single and couples

he said 'wine might be fine, it might be a delightful experience, but when it comes to fun champagne wins every time'

A song: Soap Kills - Galbi


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