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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

DrD girls

Grunge galore outfit (Kooky) & Urban chic outfit (Dido)

I blogged the DrD (Death row Designs) loose boots a while ago; they have been glued to my legs ever since. Now Kooky is big a fan of DrD and she told me their outfits are super too. So we went shopping and here's the result: the DrD Grunge galore outfit (on Kooky) and the DrD Urban chic outfit (on me). I love them both!
We girls went to DrD main store this morning and took of course far too many pics. I couldn't stop taking snapshots, but since I don't wanna bore you with too many it took me ages to decide which ones to blog. Phew, blogging is a time eater.

Besides boots and outfits DrD also has lots of creepy scars and wounds, punk, cyberpunk, grunge, horror makeup, male & female skins and halloween stuff pfff and that's not all. Well you go and have a look yourselves!  
I hope you will have as much fun as Kooky and I did! Here's your taxi

Kooky is wearing:
Outfit - DrD Grunge galore

Neck - Yabusaka Alphabet changer belt choker
Hair - Truth Isle - Espresso
Skin - League Sunkiss - Taylor
Eyes -Ethereal Eyes - Sudachi
Face tatto - Shake Up Kitty Attack
Shoes - Crickets skate sneakers
Tail - DV8 Deathrock kitteh
Ears - K&L casual ears

Dido is wearing:
DrD Urban chic outfit 
DrD bootslazyregblue
Collisions 'As you Wish' tattoo
Glow studio Dove necklace black
Acide Jam grey facial piercings
PC Moon eyes - lavender
Plastik Aleksandra Beta skin - Fawn
Truth Tess hair - clove
LouLou&co, League, Miel, Kosh bracelets 

Dikke kus

Kooky will blog this item too so do visit her blog here's the url (see also my absolute fav blogs)

us in sepia; had to put this one in too: the entrance of the DrD store


  1. Arrgh! I need to turn my head and realise the spider is no longer in its web.

    This was such fun to do with you. I had a super time as always!

    Great post and great pictures


  2. Likewise here Kooky I loved it!
    dikke kus

  3. hahaha you totally had fun there :D