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Thursday 20 October 2011


This week I revisited Ciudad de Mexico - Home of Sick Law: an intriguing place especially the 'lower town'; i.e. the sewer corridors hide many suprises. 
It was a while ago that I was there. While I stared into the water memories came to my mind of exciting moments I had in this sewage with a lover. I won't bother you with details of how I ended up there, but lemme show you some of the old pics I found in my drawer. Shhhhhhhht ....

lost and nude trying to find my way out

I met him and he saved me 

I will always remember that embrace.... the sewage smell arghhh ^^

Ciudad de Mexico - Home of Sick Law that's the place where you find this sewage. I even spotted sharks in one of the sewer corridors!
Worthwhile exploring for sure. The LM will tp you right in the middle of the smelly sewage so be aware. Enjoy exploring ^^

Dikke kus

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  1. Wow. We wouldn't be bored to hear some more details about this story :)