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Sunday 9 October 2011

This is not me

I did something this afternoon I NEVER NEVER do; I slipped into another shape: arghhh this is not me: this is the utterly, totally R.icielly girl.
I combined stuff from the different R.icielli looks/outfits, as well as wearing one of the 3 shapes, a skin and tattoo layer.

And what about the new Truth hair Magenta? It's one of the 2 new hairstyles of this week. Or should I say 3 hair styles, coz there is also a hairbase pack in all colours this week. 

Wearing from the R.icielli Roxy female avatar pack:
Tank top black in black (see through)
Shine top black  
Roxy jacket white (inclusive rezizer)
Roxy necklace  
Roxy shape 2 (full kissing lips)
MIA skin natural 01 sunkissed
gloss & Blush tattoo layer

Truth Magenta hair in marmalade NEW
Poetic Color Moon eyes in lavender.

Although this is a nice shape I can't wait to slip into my normal Dido shape ^^
dikke kus

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