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Sunday 9 October 2011

R.icielli girl in NY

R.icielli MIA skin in pale

 R.icielli look no. 01

I couldn't resist to buy the Roxy female avatar box of R.icielli for only L$ 299 at Marketplace this weekend, containing 5 complete looks/outfits, a folder with lingerie and bikini's, one with skins, shapes, eyebrows as well as a folder with make-ups, nails, freckles, lashes and teeth. Phew, this is indulgence indeed!

Showing you from the Roxy folder the 'Look no. 1' and R.icielli skin MIA in pale. I did not use stuff from the make-up folder, a pity coz after trying several tattoo layers this afternoon I really like the combination gloss + blush.  

Furthermore wearing:
The awesome Truth Luana hair in clove (release last week)
Miel CHUM bracelet
B.nuts star lip piercing
LouLou&Co Crepuscule bracelets and gloves
Kosh bracelets
Nana tattoo 'No Lies 1'

Dikke kus

Roxy necklace

Roxy boots 

All pictures taken at the New York ballroom jazzclub, where I danced the nite away yesterday ^^

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