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Friday 7 October 2011

My fiancee is getting married ...

Yesterday evening my dear friend Ronan, whom I know for SL ages Im-ed me telling me he had important news. Mmm, I asked if he was gonna get married. Lol, I may never guess, coz yeah he is, i.e. he had just proposed to his GF Greenie. Wow, he was all shaken and thrilled. I congratulated him; they match perfectly and she is such a nice girl.

I tp-ed him over to 7 isles (awesome sim) where I had just started exploring. Told him I do hope to be bridesmaid at his wedding, after all I always have been calling him my fiancee (not seriously Greenie no worries). 
Notice his engagement ring arghhh!  

Anyway I am the girl in orange again, how halloween can one get? This J&J outfit is fun, I like the textures and love the black lace petticoat. 

Dikke kus

Plastik Aleria Macabre skin & Nana monchi's tattoo

Ronan is wearing:
Delirium - Filth M (complete outfit.... hehe he's a lazy guy)
Unique skin Jordan M12 
Truth Jason hair - Golden Tones Dark  
Angelic Bisensual tattoo  
Paramour wedding band in platinum for men ^^

Dido is wearing:
J&J (Jolbey & Jasper) Burlesque witch dress pumpkin (Midnightmania)  NEW
Plastik Aleria Macabre Cleavage 2 (hunt gift) 
Nana monchi's tattoo 1 (NEW) Not really matching this orange outfit, but wanted to show coz it's fun.
Truth Luana in clove (super; I tru(th)ly love the 3 hairstyles of last week!)
Maikii striped gloves (part of outfit)
Filthty lipliner2 
HoD nothing's necklace v2
Miel Chum necklace and bracelet
ShooZ! Sting black heelz

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