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Friday 14 October 2011


Being in a rather strange mood this evening must be the approaching Halloween and the end of summer. Sometimes I wish I lived in a more warmer, southern country. When Fabio tells me he had sunshine and 26 degrees (Celcius) today ... arghh I am jealous. I asked him to tp me for lunch, but unfortunately that's not (yet) possible in RL.

Showing a NEW Halloween outfit called Lucretia I received from Favole as a bloggers review item (thx Themis!). Love it, as well as the accompanying Favole black wings called Wrath. The wings are a bit messy and look as if I did not dry them properly after taking a dive into the ocean, which is eggszackily what I like about them ^^
The cute Halloween top hat is LaVie's and a last years Halloween hunt gift.

Furthermore wearing:
Plastik Aleria/Macabre skin; definitely my fav Halloween skin with lots of blood stains
Truth Marielle hair in clove (1st October release)
Blowpop seamed fishnet tights
Acide Jam grey facial piercings
TSS darken eyebrow piercings
Angelic tattoo 'Freedom'in  black & white
Necklaces: HoD, Happy Finds, Glow and NS
Bracelets: Kosh and LouLou&Co

Dikke kus

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  1. Such a fun outfit. I really like the wings and all the Halloween bits 'n' bobs on the hat.